Diseases and Rights to Claims

On this page you will find information regarding the determination of disability percentages due to various medical problems. The percentage of disability is determined by a medical committee or by the type of disease (called manifest condition). Those committees are either established by government (such as Centrelink, NDIS), or by the insurer (called CMOs or Chief Medical Officers).

We at ClaimRight are experts in medical rights, we have a deep understanding of the assessment process and professional knowledge and many years of experience. 

With the help of our proprietary claims system, highly experienced employees, claims managers and representatives, and professionals with extensive experience in countless diverse cases, and with in-depth knowledge of the complex bureaucratic systems are able and happy to be at your disposal and assist you in obtaining the medical rights you may have due to your medical condition.

Through us, you will have access to over 800 medical practitioners willing and able to assist you if your usual doctors are reluctant to assist you in your time of need.

All you need is to book an obligation free appointment to discuss your needs with us so we can inform you of your rights and entitlements.

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