What is Income Protection?

Income protection is an insurance claim within your superannuation policy that replaces a percentage of your income in the event that you are unable to work due to an illness or injury.

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Income protection is typically paid monthly as a form of income replacement while you're unable to work

The typical percentage of your income replacement is around 75%

Income protection is usually available within your superannuation fund, as well as Death Cover and TPD Cover but double check with your superannuation fund for what insurance is available to you as it depends policy to policy.

How do I claim income protection?

Here at ClaimRight, we are experts within the insurance field and can give you a helping hand in starting your income protection claim for you.

To start an income protection claim, you must find out:

Whether income protection is available within your superannuation fund
Find out how much income protection is available for you within your superannuation fund

If you would prefer to have us look into your superannuation fund for you, we can get it started for you!

Get my Income Protection Started

Why choose us?

We get this question quite often when people hear about our company. Whilst it is hard to believe, we are not your ordinary insurance claims company. 

So how are we different you ask? 

Connect With You

We genuinely believe in creating a connection with you from day 1. Our focus is to understand your past and current situation, how your illness, injury or disability has affected your lifestyle and more importantly, we focus on what your future goals are and how we can get you there.

Your Health is Our Priority

Our mission is to ensure that your health is our priority. We understand the tiring process of filling out endless paperwork when dealing with insurers and super funds. For this reason, we have administrative assistance that takes the workload off your shoulders. 
This gives you more time to focus on your health.

Our Expertise

Our company has spent hours understanding complex financial systems and how we can make the claims process easier for us, and more importantly, YOU. This will mean that your claim will be processed quicker to ensure you get the help as quickly as possible. 

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