​"I lost my job due to my illness in 2015.  I came to you broken and suicidal having been rejected by Centrelink three times. Seven months on, everything has changed... You got me $1000 in disability pension every two weeks, you made me $105,000 I didn't know about from insurance and got me on a housing waiting list. You did it all under $5000. I am forever in your grateful to you. I genuinely believe I would have been homeless and disabled if you didn't come into my life when you did, or worse.  Thank you."
- Michael Porter

Insurance Claims (inside and outside superannuation)

Would it shock you to learn that you could probably still claim on an  insurance policy that was owned for you by you superannuation  fund that you paid for 20 years ago?

We provide forensic services to help you determine what is yours, and help you claim on it.

We usually charge a tiny margin from what others charge and we have superior experience than most financial experts.

Let us help you find and unlock wealth that could change your life.

Secret Sauce: Deep knowledge in systems. Staff worked as claims assessors for insurance companies. Knowledge of insurance policies. 

Success rate: 100%. Yep. Never had a claim rejected.

Duration from lodgement: Average 3 months

Accessing Superannuation on Disability/ Medical grounds

If you have felt you could not work due to your ill health or disability, this option can be explored for you. Superannuation can be unlocked if you retire due to your inability to work due to permanent health or disability conditions. Our job is to communicate clearly to your medical practitioners and to the superannuation company so you can have access.

We will also arrange for financial advice at our cost prior to this access to ensure you understand any tax and Centrelink implications. 

Secret Sauce: Identifying your body and mind ability to continue working and liaison with your primary medical practitioner

Success Rate: 100%. All real.

Duration from lodgement: under 2 months

Centrelink Disability Support Pension & Carer Payments/ Allowances.

What if we tell you that we broke down the Centrelink system to make it work for you? Would you believe us?

You should. Because we have. Legally.
We developed an assessment process that measures your mind and body function, and generates reports your doctors will be too happy to sign off on. Of course, if you have too much money we will refer you to our technical expert to re-jig your finances.
We then lodge a winning application, keep calling Centrelink weekly to check where things are at until you are approved.

Secret Sauce: The right evidence for the right people, at the right time. HearMe technology

Success rate: Over 95% (no kidding).

Duration from lodgement: 4.5 months

NDIS Access & Review Support

NDIS should not be so difficult. However, cracks quickly appear when the NDIS Access Form requires someone who is not a disability specialist (like a GP) to sign off on what care you need at home and in the community. 

This is where we shine. As disability experts, we are able to communicate with your doctors and therapists what they should write- in disability NDIS language- to help better your chances. We are also able to review the forms prior to lodgement to ensure the language used, and the needs expressed are things covered by the NDIS, not medical needs.

Secret Sauce: The right evidence for the right people, at the right time. HearMe technology, disability expertise, advocacy.

Success rate: 90% NDIS Access Rate. 30% increase in funding (on average

Duration from lodgement: 90 days.

Debt Waiver 
(not bankruptcy, not insolvency. Debt like credit cards disappears)

We know that it feels strange to wave a magic wound and make debt disappear. We even had clients saying they feel bad for the bank. Feelings and magic aside, it is true. We do this for many of our clients after they stop working due to disability or illness.

Part of our job is to ensure you have a fresh start, and we feel the best way to do it is to use our financial system know-how to set you up.

Secret Sauce: Must not be working, have an  illness or disability and unsecured debt (credit cards etc)

Success rate: 99%

Duration from lodgement: 45 days

General Administration, Specialised Administration, Disability Advocacy and Private Estates

This service suits clients who have paper anxiety, fatigue/ concentration issues, or hospitalised (insert your own reason!).

We can dedicate some of our capacity to help you, instruct professionals to do work for you (such as hiring an accountant to do your tax returns or lawyer to meet with you). Our team is highly specialised and when we take you on, you will feel a red carpet treatment. You will monitor your projects online or by email to see where things are up to.

Secret Sauce: A highly experienced team with qualifications in finance, law, disability and mathematics make most tasks a breeze. Low cost administration.

Success rate: We complete all the jobs you give us efficiently. But we might not take every job on.

Duration from lodgement: Immediate.

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