​"I lost my job due to my illness in 2015.  I came to you broken and suicidal having been rejected by Centrelink three times. Seven months on, everything has changed... You got me $1000 in disability pension every two weeks, you made me $105,000 I didn't know about from insurance and got me on a housing waiting list. You did it all under $5000. I am forever in your grateful to you. I genuinely believe I would have been homeless and disabled if you didn't come into my life when you did, or worse.  Thank you."
- Michael Porter



Insurance Claims (inside and outside superannuation)

Did you know that it is highly probable that you can still access an insurance claim from your superannuation fund that you had access to over 20 years ago?

We provide in-depth services to help determine what insurance claims you are eligible for within your super fund, such as total and permanent disability claims (TPD) and income protection for individuals.
Our teams extensive knowledge of insurance company policies has allowed us to charge low cost fees and have a high success rate.

Duration from lodgement: Average 3 months 


Accessing Superannuation on Disability/ Medical grounds

Have you ever felt that you could not work due to a disability or illness? We can explore this option for you. 

Superannuation can be unlocked if you retire due to your inability to work based on disability/medical grounds, otherwise known as medical retirement. At ClaimRight, we communicate directly to your medical practitioners and superannuation fund to ensure your access to medical retirement, giving you the best possible chance at success.

Duration from lodgement: Average 1-4.5 months 


Centrelink Disability Support Pension & Carer Pension

To find how to increase the chances of individuals accessing the Centrelink Disability Support Pension and the Carer’s Pension, we have developed an assessment process to determine your eligibility for the pension.

Through our specialized administrative assistance, we complete your application and deal with Centrelink so you don’t have to whilst keeping you up to date with your application process.

Duration from lodgement: 4.5 months


NDIS Access & Review Support

NDIS access can be a hard process for someone with an illness or disability, especially when completing forms to access the insurance scheme. 

As disability experts, we can communicate with your doctors and therapists and inform them on what they should write to better your chances of NDIS access. 

We can also review the forms prior to lodgement to ensure the contents of these forms, such as terminology, meets the requirements of the NDIS.

Duration from lodgement: 90 days


Debt Waiver 

At ClaimRight, we have the ability waive your debt* to ensure you have a fresh start without the financial hardship. We do this for many of our clients are they stop working due to disability or illness. To do so, we utilize our financial system expertise to set you up for a debt-free* life. To gain access to this, you have to be:

·Not working

·Have an illness or disability

·Unsecured debt (credit cards etc.)

Duration from lodgement: 45 days

*Credit card debt, not bankruptcy or insolvency 


General & Specialised Administration, Disability Advocacy and Private Estates

We provide the service of low-cost administrative assistance to help individuals who suffer with fatigue, cognitive issues, hospitalised or otherwise find it hard to take on the workload of paperwork. We will determine whether we can provide administrative assistance when we get in contact with you.

At ClaimRight, our team can instruct professionals to do the work for you (such as hiring an accountant to do your tax returns) whilst keeping you in touch with your claims process via email or through our specialized online system.

Duration from lodgement: Immediate

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