More than just "claims specialists"

We are a no-win, no-fee low-cost claims service, helping people with superannuation insurance claims and medical retirement superannuation access. 

We also specialise in Centrelink and NDIS access to ensure you have the best support services available to you.

Our staff are highly qualified disability and insurance assessment specialists. Not only that, but our experience is lived, not just on paper. 
Some of our staff are carers, some have disabilities, and some are just passionate advocates. So rest assured, you're in the best hands.

Our promise to you is that confidentiality and respect is guaranteed with us.


Claim Right Pty Ltd is a Corporate Authorised Representative of Able Financial Services (ABN 27 646 319 164) AFSL 530596

We will ask the insurer to:

Refund Past Premiums

Pay interest for delays

Pay emergency payments if you are eligible

Prioritise your file if you are eligible. 

Insurance Claims*
No win, no fee:
Income Protection Claims From $2900
Total & Permanent Disability From $6,900
Trauma claims From: $4900
Life Insurance (terminal) From: $4900
NDIS Support

Disability Specialist:    $250-550/ hour

NDIS Access Support: $145- 550/ hour

General/ Estate/
Specialist Personal Administration
​Disability Advocacy

Fees/ Hour (Inc GST)*

Specialist Advocate   $550

Senior Administrator $260

Junior Administrator  $190

Setup fees $0

Medical Retirement Superannuation Access 

No Win, No fee:

Early Access to Super: $1,100 (when combined with select services)

Centrelink Disability Support Pension/ Carer Payment/ Allowance


Up to lodgement: $990 for Lump-Sum insurance claimants *special rate)

DSP only: $3,300

Support During Assessment up to payment:    $450 flat

Carer Payment/ Allowance: $890 flat

If you cannot afford it, payment plans available.

If you're offered a cheaper claims management service, please let us know and we will match the price

*Claims are quoted individually. Please contact us for your quote. 

Fair, transparent fees

Joanna stops working due to MS. She approaches ClaimRight to assist with the claims process. Joanna is insured for $350,000 through her superannuation. 

ClaimRight conducts an investigation and commences the claim for Joanna. ClaimRight succeeds and after 65 days $350,000 is deposited into her superannuation account by the insurer.

Joanna is charged $9,900  for the claim which is the Standard Fee contract at the time of signing,  without incurring any extra charges. 

Joanna requires tax and Centrelink advice. This is provided and charged separately.

How our fees work for you

John uses ClaimRight to assist in handling his claim. It takes ClaimRight 3 months of follow ups with his GP to finally sign the required medical documents for the claim to a standard acceptable by the insurer. 

​​John receives $95,000 in Total & Permanent Disability. John was issued a contract with a Standard Fee of $4,900 and an Upper Fee of $8,400

​ClaimRight charges the standard fee of $7,500 plus a small increase. 

Other Examples

NDIS Advocacy

Emma asks us our advocates to engage with the NDIS and attend a planning meeting. 

This is because we have worked on the claims and have a thorough understanding of the physical limitations our client lives with. We charged $550 for the preparation and attendance of the meeting. The result is was positive.

Faster is better

Mona is a victim of Domestic Violence. She has two children and suffers from PTSD. She could no longer work. ClaimRight notified and proved to the insurer that Mona is a high risk client. Mona's claim was assessed quickly, and the insurer also agreed to release payment immediately to assist with paying for a motel.  
ClaimRight did not charge Mona any extra for this service.

Sudden Death

Robert lost his wife Melinda suddenly. They had just put a deposit on a home and he needs the life insurance paid to him. ClaimRight worked with his legal team and the insurer to process the death claim quickly.  The claim was for $1000,000. He was charged the standard fee of $7,700.

ClaimRight requested the assistance of Health & Finance Integrated, our advisory division. This was provided at $550 an hour (for a total of 1 hours) to discuss the implications of taxes.

Hidden benefits

During our investigation process, we found that James has insurance linked to his credit card. We also found he has $150,000 in trauma/ crisis insurance. 

We assisted and claimed for him the insurance amount and charged him our Standard  Fee of $4,490 for such claim type. However, we also asked for premium refund and interest that equated to $7,650. 

Furthermore, we assisted him in claiming his credit card insurance which took an hour ($260). His credit card of $25,000 was fully repaid.