More than "paper fillers"

Here is our price range. We may offer you discounts depending on how many services you use.

If you find a lower cost service that is as good as ours, let us know and we will happily offer you the same. We want to ensure you have peace of mind.

Oh and another thing, confidentiality and respect are guaranteed with us. We will never judge you, or make you feel unwelcome. 

Our experience is lived, not just on paper. Some of our staff are carers, some have disabilities, and some are just passionate advocates. 

Thank you for your support.
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Insurance Claims*
No win, no fee:
Income Protection Claim: $1,290
Total & Permanent Disability $3,900
Trauma claim: $3,490
Life Insurance: $1,290

NDIS Support

Disability Specialist:    $250/ hour

NDIS Access Support: $145/ hour

General/ Estate/ Specialist Personal Administration
​Disability Advocacy

Fees/ Hour (Inc GST)

Specialist Advocate   $275

Senior Administrator $160

Junior Administrator  $145

Setup fees $0

Termination Fees $0

Medical Retirement Superannuation Access 

No Win, No fee:

Early Access to Super: $770 (when combined with select services)

Centrelink Disability Support Pension/ Carer Payment/ Allowance


Up to lodgement: $440 flat

Up to payment:    $450 flat


Carer Payment/ Allowance: $890 flat

If you cannot afford it, payment plans available.

Debt Waiver Services

 No win, no fee (credit cards, full/ partial)

$750 (first $5000)

Plus 15% of an amount above.  

*for basic claims. Please request full pricing menu for pricing, terms and conditions.