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Written by William Johns, a known leading industry expert so you can "claim your life back after illness or injury".

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You could still claim insurance that you owned in a closed super account.
Our guide explains this, and much more.
If you need help or you are confused, just SMS us back and or give us a call. We will be happy to help.

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"Hi! I'm Will. For the past few years me and my team worked on a claims system that allows people to process claims quickly with a very high success rate. The reason? as a disability advocate I felt people are being taking advantage of. 

They pay high fees for very little value add. Your superannuation has an insurance policy YOU should claim.

Claims can be complicated, and my guide makes them easy. If you still find it complicated or you are just too fatigued or a little confused, then reach out to us and we can take over. Is that fair enough? 

I will even answer your questions personally.

All I ask in return is you jump on facebook or google, look up Claim Right and give us a review so people can find us easily.

Let's help each other, and help everyone else.

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Will Johns 

B.Bus (AppFin), Master in Disability Studies

Managing Director.

Written by Australia's foremost expert in financial issues for people with disabilities and complex health conditions who has claimed over $80,000,000 in three years and secured countless Centrelink Disability Support Pensions and NDIS Access for many.

It doesn't take a long time to find William Johns on Google search. William has been a leading voice, putting pressure on insurers and the finance profession to make life easy for people with complex health conditions. 

William's accolades include a Master of Disability Studies, a Bachelor of Business (Applied Finance), he is a Director of the Financial Planning Association, and has been recognised by the Australian Government in the Emerging Leaders Award in Disability (National Disability Awards) sanctioned by the UN; and by the NSW Parliament for Services to the Autism Community amongst other awards.

Take a minute to download the guide. It is designed to be easy to follow and it is out gift to you and we wish you success.

Sometimes you just need life to give you a fair break.

"I don't know how to thank you guys. I found you at the right time, at the right place."- Maria

Because we are disability experts and advocates, we do not see numbers. We see people who deserves to live an easier life. We are in the business of making life a little easier.