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    If you are unable to work, thinking of leaving work or have reduced your hours due to a disability, illness or injury you may be able to claim Total and Permanent Disability through your super fund.

    We know that the process of a Total and Permanent Disability claim can be difficult, but we want to make the process simpler for you to be able to focus on more important aspects of life, such as your health. 

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Erica's Story

Erica was working within the finance industry when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Erica found it hard to continue at work as she was often fatigued, began to have mobility issues, and struggled to get to work every day, thus causing pain. Erica got into contact with us, and we found that she was covered for a TPD policy within her superannuation fund. Our specialists compiled the medical evidence necessary to prove that Erica had to reduce hours due to her diagnosis. With our assistance, Erica got approved for a lump sum TPD payout of $302,000 from her superannuation fund. Because Erica had 2 super accounts open at the time of her diagnosis that had insurance, we are also currently processing another TPD claim for her. We are currently processing her income protection.    

The TPD Claim Process

Want to know how to process a Total and Permanent Disability Insurance claim within your super on your own? Watch the video and download our guide below!

If you'd rather allow us to help you or you're unsure about your eligibility to claim, book in a FREE 20 minute consultation with our technical consultant, William Johns to avoid the hassle and we can start your TPD claim today!

​HOW TO GUIDE: Claiming Total and Permanent Disability Insurance

​Wanting to know how to process a Total and Permanent Disability Insurance Claim on your own? 

​​Download our FREE step-by-step guide on how to process your own TPD claim in 8 simple steps.

Fill your information into the form and we'll email the guide straight to your inbox! It's that easy.

Unsure whether Total and Permanent Disability Insurance is available to you?

More often than not, people aren't aware that they have insurance attached to your super account. And we don't blame you! 

If you're wanting to find out whether your super has insurance attached, Step 1 of our TPD guide shows you how to find out so fill in your details in the form and we'll email the guide to you.

In general, most super funds opt their customers in for default insurance cover if they're at least 25 years of age and have at least $6,000 in their account.

However, not all super funds offer default cover or insurance, so it is best to check with your super fund.

How do I know if I am eligible for a TPD claim?

Whilst specific criteria varies within different insurance policies, the general criteria is:

Your illness or injury will/has prevented you from returning to any type of     work/previous work
You have a superannuation account that holds TPD insurance. You could still claim insurance that you owned in a closed super account
You can prove your work history

Book an appointment with us if you are unsure about your eligibility for TPD

Why Trust Us?

We understand how hard it can sometimes be to deal with insurance companies and government agencies such as Centrelink as they often lack a holistic understanding of how a disability, injury or illness can impact day to day life.

This can be tiring to try and explain to someone who doesn't understand.
Here at ClaimRight, you're in safe hands. Our team specialise in the financial sector, as well as the disability sector with our founder being awarded a Master of Disability Studies and the highest awards within the finance industry and our colleagues having more than 15 years experience combined within the insurance industry. 

If you wish to know more about us, find out here:

Why Are We Giving You This Gift?

"Hi! I'm Will. For the past few years me and my team worked on a claims system that allows people to process claims quickly with a very high success rate. The reason? As a disability advocate I felt people are being taking advantage of. 

They pay high fees for very little value add. Your superannuation has an insurance policy YOU should claim.

Claims can be complicated, and my guide makes them easy. If you still find it complicated or you are just too fatigued or a little confused, then reach out to us and we can take over. Is that fair enough? 

I will even answer your questions personally.

All I ask in return is you jump on facebook or google, look up Claim Right and give us a review so people can find us easily.

Let's help each other, and help everyone else.

Best of luck!

Will Johns 

B.Bus (AppFin), Master in Disability Studies

Managing Director.