Functional Disabilities

Functional disabilities relate to your ability to function after a medical illness or disability that you were born with, or acquired during your lifetime.

Usually, such functional disability is measured by a suitably qualified professional such as a specialist or an allied health professional who specialises in such assessments.

The standard we consider as appropriate at least meets International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) published by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Such classification takes into account your biology (body), your psychology (including mood disorders) and their impact on your social engagement (including with the work-force)

At Claim Right, we developed special software to be able to predict your score prior to engaging professionals to be able to give you a voice so you can express your situation and challenges without feeling overwhelmed.

This classification is often used in insurance claims, Centrelink and other government entitlements.  

Example of functional disability

An example of functional disability is loss of strength;  or an experience of pain, that result in your inability to perform tasks such as picking up a bottle of milk, shopping or sitting down without assistance (including by aids) or without extreme effort.