Next steps after an illness/injury diagnosis...

14.07.21 07:57 PM By Lauren

Nothing about living with a disabling illness or injury is easy...

It’s basically one of the biggest curveballs that life could throw at you and your family.

Suddenly there is a lot of uncertainty and anxiety surrounding what will happen in the future and what are the next steps to take in your journey. 

We help people everyday who are navigating their new way of life and trying to find solutions to make their life easier, so we understand that this isn't an easy road.

So to help you out, some of our customers have given us their best tips and tricks that helped them take the next steps in their journey, so hopefully it will help you!

The next steps to take in your journey: 

Find a support group, page or forum!

We know it may be cliché but you're not alone. Thousands of Australians are on this journey with you, you just have to find them! Join support groups on Facebook and find blogs and forums on Reddit and Google. You never know but these people might be able to give you even more tips and tricks along the way.

Access your benefits!

If you’re thinking you might have to stop working temporarily or completely, check what superannuation insurance benefits are available to you!

All you need to do is call up your recent super fund and ask if insurance is available within your superfund.

The types of insurance often available are either Total and Permanent Disability or Income Protection. Find out more below:

Types of Insurance

If you're thinking of claiming on your insurance, download our FREE Do-It-Yourself Total and Permanent Disability Insurance Process Guide and save yourself thousands in legal fees!


Find out what government supports you can access

If you're off work due to your situation, your best option is to know what government support is available to you, such as Centrelink or NDIS. We have created a guide on how to best access the Disability Support Pension to start you off. We hope this helps!

Access this guide via the link below:

Disability Support Pension

We hope you find these 3 steps as helpful as our customer's found them. Just remember that there is support out there.

If you're needing a guiding hand on how to improve your financial situation to support your medical expenses, don't hesitate to reach out to us and find out what superannuation benefits are available to you.