NDIS Changes: Here's what it means for you

06.05.21 05:50 PM By William

Why make access to the NDIS harder than what is already is?

The proposed changes within the NDIS, will see ‘independent assessments’ being conducted by a privatised contractor to assess the client’s eligibility for funding from the scheme.

So, here is the problem:

There is a potential for the assessors to lack the expertise that is needed to understand the complexity of a person’s condition and how it can affect them daily. Manifest conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis often have symptoms that vary daily. How can this be assessed using standardised tools when the condition itself is not standard?

As disability experts and advocates, we stand with other individuals and organisations to fight for the rights of people living with a disability/illness.
The MS Society have recently made a Facebook post expressing their concern over the changes that are going to be put forward by the government. 

I would love to know what everyone else's thoughts are about the proposed changes. If you want to read more about it, here are a few links to head to:




If you feel like these changes will affect your chances of gaining access to the NDIS or you are currently struggling to access the scheme, contact us today at 1300 12 44 99and we can help you or visit our Services page to see what we can do for you.

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