Let's Talk Back Injuries

30.06.21 04:57 PM By William

From working in the insurance claims industry and processing hundreds of Total and Permanent Disablement and Income Protection insurance claims for our clients, we are increasingly having clients approach us with a range of back injuries.

Remember that back injuries aren't just injuries related to a fractured vertebrae for example... The injuries we come across are usually a lot more complex than this. It is more common that we have client's who have had either injuries to multiple sections of their spine, resulting in major muscle damage or they have one or two bugling discs that have gone unnoticed for an extensive period of time and they have then developed nerve damage as a result.

With these types of back injuries being the most common, it is clear as to why 1 in 6 Australians suffer from some level of back pain and why it often gets too painful for our client's to continue to work at any capacity. 

However the fear of financial stress is why these injuries are often put aside and our client's simply "put up with it" and continue working in pain. 

It is important to know what options are available to you when a back injury of any capacity occurs, especially when you're unsure whether you should be continuing work.

How can ClaimRight Help Me?

Insurance claims can become complex and difficult to gain access to depending on your insurance policy within your superannuation, your injury or illness and a range of other factors. At ClaimRight, we have the capability to understand the complexity of your unique situation, find a solution to meet your needs an take the hardwork out of your hands. This is why we offer beyond insurance claims and can provide early superannuation access, Centrelink and NDIS access if these solutions are more suited towards your situation. Head to our services to find out more


If you've been suffering from a back injury of any sort that has you questioning whether you can continue to work and your doctor has stated that you're unfit to work due to your injury, get in contact with us today to find out what options you have with us.